Whilst looking at the sun and the wind, let's look right below our feet, there is also light in the subsurface for our planet!

Live from Earth

Earth is facing its two biggest challenges

Global warming & demography

That creates two conflicting objectives

Reduce greenhouse gas emission

Supply energy grow demand

We believe that to solve this dilemma, we have something right below our feet:


with its energies - fossile & living*

and its storage capabilities - CO2 and others

*Living ::geothermal, hydrogeology, volcanology

We are pioneers in light subsurface monitoring across ALL subsurface domains...

So far there is only:

ONE Earth

Live from Earth

Subsurface experts, across domains‬ have a role to play in energy transition to build a sustainable planet and energy supply model. 

At SpotLight, we want to extend the use of seismic monitoring across ALL subsurface domains:

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Life from Earth - A SpotLight production